ALC – Autoclaved Light Concrete

The ALC technology  enables a high production of low cost housing. This housing also encompasses residential, mid, and high class standing houses, as well as multi-story buildings.

This system also allows the building of commercial and industrial housing. It is a lightweight, precast, foam concrete building material invented in Sweden in the mid-1920s and widely used throughout Europe, the United States, and around the world.


ALC is a highly thermal insulating concrete-based material used for both internal and external construction. ALC materials can be coated with a stucco or plaster compound, or covered with siding materials. The need of mortar for laying ALC blocks is reduced due to the lower number of joints. The material required for rendering is lower due to the dimensional accuracy of ALC.
The increased thermal efficiency of ALC makes it suitable for use in areas with extreme temperatures. Even though regular cement mortar can be used, most of the buildings erected with ALC materials use thin bed mortar in thicknesses around ⅛ inch, depending on national building codes. ALC is lightweight while retaining strength and durability.


  • ALC has been produced for more than 70 years.
  • Environmentally friendly: reduction of at least 30% of environmental waste compared to traditional concrete.
  • Energy efficient: excellent property insulation and improved thermal efficiency reducing the need for heating and cooling.
  • Workability allows accurate cutting.
  • Resource efficiency results in lower environmental impact.
  • Lower weight saves cost and energy in transportation, labor and expenses.
  • Increases chances of survival during seismic activity.
  • Fire resistant: completely inorganic and non-combustible, porous structure allows for superior fire resistance.
  • Absorbs moisture and releases humidity.
  • No toxic gasses or other toxic substances used in production.
  • Long lasting.
  • Quick Assembly: lightweight material and ease of use results in quick and smooth assembly.