C.E.M.S. International through its consortium partners, provides financing primarily for the project in which its members are involved as a construction company, builders or major undertaker of the project.

Financing Options

  1. Pre-financing, allowing the project to be completed before payment, in this case a partial payment is requested in the form of Letter of Credit, Stand by Letter of Credit, or Bank guarantee.
  2. Financing of the project over an extended period of time from 3 to 7 years, such financing will require a bank guarantee issued on a bank with confirmation of an US or European bank.
  3. Partial financing, 50% by letter of credit, the balance paid after realization of the project. Please note that C.E.M.S. delivers housing and construction on a turn key project system and is not involved
    in any infrastructure cost such as road, side walk, electrification, water and sewage.

Pre-financing Terms

  • C.E.M.S. will pre-finance up to 70% of building of the houses on a turnkey basis.
  • C.E.M.S. provides a guarantee to the local bank in lieu and in place of the developer to secure a construction bank loan.
  • C.E.M.S. International Inc, unless agreed otherwise, does not handle structural works such as roads, sidewalks, power lines, and water canalization outside the house plots.


  • The financing can be arranged with local commercial banks, Bank of Habitat, and others.
  • C.E.M.S. is required to be paid upon completion of the houses and on presentation of the certificate of conformity established by VERITAS or any another international agency.
  • C.E.M.S. works closely with several banks and financial institutions such as EXIMBANK, COFACE, OPIC, ATI, SAHAM, SINOSURE, and Global Financial Services.