Hotels, Malls, Commercial Centers

C.E.M.S. builds several types of hotels from 2-5 stars, and up to 3 floors.

We work together with the reputable PANORAMA group which integrates more than 50 years of experience into the hospitality and resort industries.

C.E.M.S. also builds malls, commercial buildings of any size, as well as the traditional African market place.

Warehouses, Workshops, Industrial Buildings

C.E.M.S. produces quality warehouses, workshops, and industrial buildings upon customer request:

  • Size Overall: Length and width upon request (height up to 20 meters)
  • Walls: Insulated – 50/100/125/150 mm Rockwool
  • Roof: Insulated – 50mm Rockwool
  • Doors Large: Access Roller Type – 4 to 10 meter (width upon request)
  • Doors Entry: with Multi-lock upon request
  • Windows: Standard Aluminum Security Type
  •  Lighting Interior: Standard Fixtures